The Leader

Mandy Marr

Mandy saw the Run of Fire and Ice and couldn’t resist getting involved. Experienced in adventure travel, she was key in making this expedition go ahead. On the run she was in charge of planning out each day; navigating through rapidly changing conditions, organising nutrition and arranging campsites. 


The Runner

Tom Whittle

Whilst running has always played a part in his life, it would have been a push to say Tom was a true “runner.” He had only completed one marathon in his life and beyond that the limits were unknown. The end result was an average of above a marathon and a half per day and a new Guinness World Record.  

The Storyteller

William Woodward

Will is a world-class photographer and videographer from Oregon, United States. He specialises in capturing adventures and worked full-time to tell our story to those watching. Check out Will’s jaw-dropping work on his website and Instagram.

The Engine

Jason Sivyer

Conditions in Iceland were extreme as we crossed rivers, snow and ice. Experienced in off-road conditions, Jason was in charge of the support vehicle, making sure the team got across safely. Also an experienced athlete, he occasionally ran alongside Tom to maintain pace and work on injury prevention.


Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 07.56.57.png

The route started at Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse on the north coast and ended at Dyrhólaey lighthouse on the south coast. Don’t worry, we had no idea how to pronounce them either. The original plan was to go with this route in reverse, until a bridge collapsed two days before the run. 


Last year my nephew, Sonny, passed away shortly after his first birthday. He spent half of his life being treated for Langerhans' cell hisitiocytosis (LCH), a rare form of cancer to which he eventually lost his battle. This run was inspired by and in memory of him.  

I also ran Iceland in aid of CLIC Sargent. Today, ten children and young people in the UK will find out the that they have cancer. From diagnosis, CLIC Sargent’s mission is to provide a specialist package of support tailored to each young cancer patient and family. This is an organisation that has recently helped our family immensely.

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