Our journey started in South America on a cycle journey the length of the continent. Struggling with the spikes and slumps in energy from coffee and sugar based drinks, we discovered yerba mate as a longer-lasting, more sustainable source of energy 

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As soon as we got back home we teamed up with the world’s leading nutritionists and tea tasters to create MISSION - the UK's first teas specifically blended to enhance athletic performance and improve health. 

With the goal of creating a slow, steady release of energy our teas are designed to be taken pre-performance, mid-performance and post-performance by combining unique ingredients from over 30 different countries.



Warming brews or cold refreshment on the go, our products are suitable for any level of athlete or tired office worker looking to improve performance.

Since launching in January 2018, we've supplied thousands of packs to our customers across 30 countries, fuelling 10 world records in the process.

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