In 2015, I had arrived at the place I was aiming to be since I left school seven years previously: a qualified commercial lawyer, working in the City and advising famous corporates on big matters. There were plenty of good things to be said about where I was, but something big was missing. I had lost my sense of adventure and so I decided to change things up.

Later that year, I quit my job and joined two best friends to cycle the length of South America. Over nine months, we covered 12,500 kilometres on a self-supported journey stretching the length of the Andes. Despite various moments of disaster, I had found where I was happiest; moving, exploring the world and exploring my boundaries. Before I’d crossed the finish line in South America, I had already planned the next trip. 

This website is a collection of my adventures, diarising the good times and the bad. I have no special talent for endurance sports, and want to show the world what can be achieved when you dream big and push just a little bit harder. 



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